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We create contempory villas that are modern without losing a Balinese feel.

About Delta Bali Design

CV.Delta Duta Design is a company originally established to undertake design of architecture in bali and the production of 2D drawing and 3D rendering. More recently the business has expanded with other departments including

  1. Design and construction of custom built villa furniture and cabinetry
  2. Interior design
  3. Landscape design and construction
  4. Building contract supervision and management

Delta design can now offer a complete package to build your dream bali villas.

Delta design has vast experience in villa design and specification. It successfully undertakes contract supervision for the buildings of both Indonesian and expat foreign owned luxury villas.

The company was established in August 2007 by principle architect Wayan Rico Putra Negara(Rico) and is located in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia.

Delta Design emphasize’s simplicity, function and identity in Balinese Architecture, and specializes in seamlessly integrating new projects that incorporate components with cultural and historic importance.

Delta designs are Contempory villas that are modern without losing a Balinese feel.

Our Services

Design & Construction of Villa

Inappropriate design implementation is often only picked up after construction has started when it is often too late to eliminate problems. At Delta Bali Design, we carefully design, pre-plan, and we ensure that what you see in design in what you get in reality. We are actively involved during the entire construction process.

Interior Design, Supply, and Construction

Interior design involves planning, sourcing, and supplying contents for all rooms so they complement the building design and the client's needs. Interior design is extremely important because it makes a villa stylish and a personalised home that the clients will feel comfortable living in. We custom make furniture to suit clients requirements.

Landscape Design and Contruction

Tropical landscaping completes, and beautifies a building project. We offer a complete landscape design supply and install service with performance guarantees.

3D Visualization

We also offer 3D visualization service. 3D images help to visualize a client's ideas and imagination.

Building Contract and Supervising

It is important that building projects are properly supervised. In the construction phase, it is essential that shortcuts are not taken and quality and quantity of materials are used as specified. For example, reducing the number of steel reinforcement which will affect the strength of concrete. To solve this issue, we offer the client a project supervising service. We can be the Client's eyes and ears during this construction phase and provide progress reports, photos, and ensure the builder is using specified materials, following the design brief and not cutting corners.

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Our Team

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